Monday, February 18, 2013

The Corky

Got some water time in on the 9'6" Corky Carroll loaner from Roach. Big difference from the G&S "SS" that I rode the week prior. While the Hobie is a few inches longer it is by no means an easy paddler like the G&S.  But.... put this board on a clean steep face and its all MONEY!

We had a couple hours of clean glass in the knee to waist range the other day. Perfect conditions for feeling out a classic example of late 1960s surf craft. This was a first for me in several areas. Until this one showed up in the back of Roach's truck, I had never seen one of these with the rounded pin tail. That being said, I of course had never surfed one either. Having seen several Corky minis, I was pretty stoked to see something similar but totally different coming from the same lineage.

As previously stated a few threads back, this board has slightly more pinched rails than the G&S and there is more belly in the Corky as well. Once I got into my first wave on it, everything clicked. Its a big hull! With both feet together right on top of the big "Hobie" lam, the board just took off. A smooth and easy rail to rail slider and when you lay into a turn, she's a carver extraordinaire. Funny how I looked at this thing last week and really didn't see all that coming forth. I noticed the subtle hully aspects but really didn't put it all together until I got it wet. A truly awesome board to ride and a classic beauty as well. Mahalos again Dan. She's a real gem!

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