Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Liquid Salt - Marc Andreini

A fellow Jamboarder at Liquid Salt did up a very cool interview with Mr. Andreini. Excellent reading. Be sure to check it out. 



  1. That 9'2 vaquero is unreal. Do you know if it is a stock one? Really want to grab one this size for thpoints up here in ri and would like it to be just like that one. Any info would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Jesse, Originally the board was a custom for a 175lb girl in Ventura. It's bit narrower than my 8'3" but it takes nothing away from the board's performance whatsoever. You can even duck dive it so that's a plus for a 9'2". I surf it in just about everything. Waist high to OH. Nose - 16 3/4" Width - 22 1/4" Tail - 15" Thick - 2 7/8". I'm sure Marc can hook you up with whatever you're looking for. Super nice guy who makes some incredible surfboards.

    2. Keep me posted. Enjoyed the points around Newport for a few months back in the 1980s. Need to get off my behind and make a road trip up there one of these days. Aloha