Saturday, February 16, 2013

The ALOHA of "Roach"

   I had posted this little write up the other day but somehow it disappeared. Surely, my infinite wisdom (or lack thereof) of computers and cyberspace played a large part in its loss. So here's another shot at it.....
   I wanted to put out a big Mahalos to my friend, occasional surf partner and Surfing History 101 teacher. Recently he lost a close family member and found his weekday cottage/surfboard storage facility, needed for sleeping quarters for out of town family. I had no problem what-so-ever being his temporary board storage site. What surfer wouldn't want to invite more surfboards into his/home...(Note: These are no beat up pieces of foam and fiberglass, we're talking museum worthy 1960s vintage or state of the art modern works of prime quality, Grade "A" surf craft.) But Roach didn't simply drop off the boards and leave, he made sure to say, "Surf em, don't just let them sit here."
Roach, also known as "Dan" is one of the most surf stoked people that I know, and his passion of surfing history is pretty amazing. Whether it be vintage or modern design, Dan has a keen eye for surfboards.  The truly special part about the man is how stoked he is to put his boards in the hands and under the feet of his friends or even those of total strangers. Its a gesture of kindness that we rarely see this day and age. Pure ALOHA!

Roach, taking the high line @ Church.
Summertime @ the Rocks

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