Friday, October 19, 2012

San Diego Part V

The International Surfboard Show @ the Del Mar fairgrounds on Oct. 6th. In a word, it was overwhelming. I felt like a little kid at Disney for the first time. Old boards, new boards, surf legends, world chanps and just a who's who in surfing. Saw some incredible boards and met some awesome people. Glad I was able to enjoy it with my friends. Good times and since Grant snuck in the 12 pack of Tecate, we enjoyed not having to pay $8 for a beer!

Best in Show! Yep, its an Andreini!


Board meeting - Grant Nakata and Matt Calvani

Marc with Wade's 10'3" glider over his right shoulder.

John Wesley makes some fine surfing boards. Fins too.

Wade digging on a vintage Con.

Pretty sure this guy was in a movie I saw.   : )

Larry's son letting him know what he thinks about all this surfing stuff.

Vintage Bings. These two were only $4K each.....

Lance Carson

Kook and a Cooperfish!


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