Monday, October 15, 2012

San Diego Part II

Still stuck on east coast time, day two began at 4:00 am for me. Wide awake with no chance of falling back to sleep, I got up ate a light breakfast and waxed up the 8'3" Vaquero that Larry had dropped off the night before. The sound of the shorebreak just below our cottage gave a strong sign that there would be some fun surf once the sun arrived on the scene. As the guys all started to roll up in the pre dawn hours, board selections were made and the stoke level was super high. Once down on the sand, it quickly became apparent that the surf was looking good and the Trestles crowd was in full effect. Never had I seen so many people in the water so early in the AM. After getting my first rock dance out of the way and out into the line-up, I sat for a few minutes checking out the crowd and trying to figure out where I needed to be in order to get a wave. Quickly decided to get out to the main peak and hope I could get into one that would sneak by the crowd. It was a good call as I got into one pretty quickly. Riding Larry's 10'3" Andreini glider, I got in early on a solid head high right and my southern California cherry was gone! :) Long right walls were the call of the morning and many, many waves were had by each one of us. So cool to be out there with Roach and all of these new friends that had welcomed us with open arms. Good times!!!.

First morning's view toward Church
Roach at Church
Larry waxing up the Michael Miller Drifter and his 10'3" Vaquero glider waiting for me.

Tres Banos just north of Church
Delaware John, Roach and Larry. One session down, plenty more to go.....

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