Monday, October 15, 2012

San Diego Part III

Mr. Marc Andreini
 After my first morning session, I walked back down to try and grab a few shots of Roach during his 5 hour marathon session and ran into none other than Marc Andreini himself. Talk about feeling like a little kid. Not wanting to look like a total kook but at the same time wanting to say hello, I just went over and said, "Thank you for doing what you do!" (As the man builds some awesome surfboards!) Nice as can be he said thanks, and then asked my name. We spoke for a moment and then I was treated to watching him slide into his first wave of the day. A very cool experience.

Marc slides into a nice one at Church

And he surfs as good as he shapes!

Once back up at the cottage and amped about Marc, some friends of Roach showed up in their van.
Grant and Danielle had driven down from Long Beach to meet up with Roach to talk, trade, and surf vintage longboards. While I was impressed with the old boards, I think Roach found a little slice of nirvana in that parking lot that afternoon. You could see that "little kid in a candy store" look in his eyes. :)  Some serious vintage board conversations took place and the stoke level of everyone involved was off the scale.
Boards, boards, and more boards!!!

Danielle & Grant - the surf couple extraordinaire!

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