Wednesday, October 17, 2012

San Diego Part IV

A couple of random shots of our first few days...

Danielle - fist pumping at Church. The lady was rippin!
Decisions, decisions... Do we walk down to San O or up to Church??? And which board are you riding???

Andreini glider, Michael Miller Drifter, Weber performer, vintage Dave Sweet and a Rick UFO

Michael Miller shaped this the week prior to our arrival and gave it to Larry for all of us to have a go on. How cool was that! I did not get a chance to surf it until we went up to Bolsa Chica mid week. It was worth the wait as the board was a joy to ride and just flat out ripped. Fast, manueverable, and a great paddler. We got the chance to stop by Michael's shaping bay on our way to the airport to check on one of Larry's boards and to say thanks to Michael for allowing us to put his Drifter through its paces.

The Cardiff surfer statue

Sunset at Swami's

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