Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dream Boat x 10

One of the joys of working adjacent to Cape May Harbor is checking out the multitude of vessels that lay at anchor a few hundred yards from my parking spot. This beauty sought shelter from the NW gale for a few days this past week. My guess is that it was easily a 100' + in length and just a great looking yacht. The masts were fully illuminated at night and made for a great view in the darkness. (here's wishing that I had a better camera, would've made for a great photo op) Beleive that it was a Bermuda flag flying from the stern. I imagine that if that was the case, the crew was most likely wishing they were much closer to home.

I found myself thinking about how many islands and secluded reef passes this hull must have seen during its lifetime. Also wondered how many surfboards and buddies one could fit onboard. :)

Managed a few days of fun surf this past week. Becoming very eager for the water temperature to warm up a bit. I'll be happy when my toes aren't numb after a mere 30 minutes in the water.... Aloha!

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