Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thumpin Thursday

Managed a couple hours in the water up in Avalon this afternoon. With CM looking pretty poor the trip up the parkway seemed the right move. As I don't hit up Avalon much, I eased my way into the line-up and sat off from the crowd. There's a lot of erosion up there and all kinds of stuff poking up out of the sand. Good size with some sets near head high and pretty clean as well. One hefty left made the trip up worthwhile, took off late, lip threw over my head and it just walled up and peeled! Oh, yeah! After several nice waves in a row, I took off on a nothing righthander and got thumped. Literally... Board hit me right in the noggin. After checking my head for leaks all was good albeit a little sore. Would've posted a photo of the damage but its just above my eye which would require my face to be involved in the photo. Don't want to scare anyone with that! :)


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