Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hull photo from the Ryan Lovelace - PC progress blog site. Have one of Ryan's hulls on order and I am quite eager for it to arrive. Love getting a custom shape, dislike the long wait to get it. With a 7' version of his SHE hull on order I recall memories of another 7' stubbie thing I once had a fling with. About 22 years ago a brother-in-law found a 7'2" Challenger in the trash. With an S-deck under your rear foot and a wide nose, it was a blast to surf. At a time when we were all riding 80's thrusters it was a neat change of pace. So much glide and still small enough to carve through a turn. Have to dig through the photo albums to see if I can find a shot of it. Another favorite stubbie was a 7' Hobie slug. For a few years it was my all around favorite and seemed to work pretty well in just about any wave size or condition (read: east coast wave conditions). For some stupid reason I sold it in order go the bonzer route for awhile. The more I read about these bladed displacement hulls the greater my excitement is toward riding one. Eager to experiment with fin designs as well.


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