Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day One

Day one of a blog page... Wanted to try and start up a South NJ surf related blog site that is a worthwhile read. I'm sure there will be various other topics that pop up and I hope they too are of interest to anyone who might drop by for a read through.

Very fun surf this AM in CM. Had a fun session with my buddy "Chuck D." and another wave rider on a surf ski for most of the early sunrise session. Water was pretty comfortable and after a half hour I almost wished I had worn my l/s spring suit as I was getting quite warm. Super clean chest high sets that lined up for a nice long slide where norm for the morning. Saw Chuck take off deep on a few next to the jetty and get fully covered on a few. A school of dolphin roamed by with one of the crew showing a pretty chopped dorsal fin. Poor guy was missing almost the entire top half of the fin. One of the guys in the line up said he'd been showing up around here for several years. Have to keep an eye out for him in the future. (only saying "him" because of the size) ;)
Still loving my 9'2" Anderson "Bojorquez". I've been riding it with a 9" Greg Liddle (narrow base) flex fin and loving it. Last week I thought I would try it with a 9.5" T/A L-flex but I was deeply disappointed. Felt like I was dragging a sea drouge. While the Liddle slides a bit on some of the steeper drops, it seems to be a turbo charger down the line and through a turn. Have a Larry Allison pivot flex on order and am eager to give it a go.

Late afternoon surf on the other side of Cold Spring Inlet w/Shawn G. was a fun way to end the day. A little onshore but some size and a few walls showed up for us. Mr. Luke came along and played in the sand. He made a nice sand "fort" for the ghost crabs to hang out in. :)


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