Sunday, October 19, 2014

Take Fast Hold...

I need to learn to hold the camera straight while I cruise thru the Woods

Sunrise at the north end

The Monarch migration in full swing this weekend. Some of the crew laying low from the stiff NW breeze


Sweet little trim machine!

Missed out on the Saturday afternoon surf but managed a fun couple hours this morning. Stiff offshores and 50 degree air temps really cooled off things out in the line-up. Fortunately there were some fun little zippy walls to keep things toasty.  


Beth D. has been ripping all summer on her Mom's vintage 7'8" Ernie Tanaka V-bottom. Ran into her this AM with a board her Dad shaped in 1973. Very nice!
If you ever want to SUP around Cape May, be sure and look her up HERE

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