Friday, October 17, 2014

a SWELL Friday morning...

Maybe the edge of Hurricane Gonzo or maybe just left over wind swell, where ever it came from it was good. Very clean early with some of the most perfect loggin lines you could ask for. Managed one of the longest nose rides of the year and too many fun waves to count. Great crowd and good times. Tide filled and the offshores picked up but it stayed fun all through the AM hours. A few snaps for your viewing pleasure.

Sheriff Knox and his 10' newbe

 Three shots of young USCG member Joseph from Newport Beach, CA. The kid was rippin!

unknown? on a nice right

The senior statesmen of the Rocks. J-Rob walking in and Yukon sliding by in the background.

Nice set off the rocks

J-Rob pulling in.....
old faithful


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