Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mind Surfing...

As we await our first swell of 2013, any down time is spent recalling memories of swells past. There looks to be a chance for a small bump tomorrow into the weekend. So here's hoping that it actually shows.

Larry C. my San Diego connection, sent over a little temptation via email this past week. A couple 11 footers from "the Man" himself. A gorgeous triple stringer and an EPS glider that Marc made for himself when he was recovering from his back injury a year or so ago but really never got round to riding it much.
Two great looking boards up for grabs at very sweet prices. If I lived in the land of many pointbreaks, I would be quite tempted to jump on one of these. Since I do not, I will just have to enjoy mind surfing them instead!

 Mr. Marc Andreini makes some mighty fine surfing boards


  1. rode my 8' stringerless Vaquero last night. Perfection. Greasy good!

    1. Got to check out some of those at the board show in SD back in October. Beauties, the lot of them!