Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday after Sandy

View from the dune trail.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the sandbars at our beloved Rocks have been cultivated into a near perfect wave garden. And while we were so fortunate down here, there are so many in this state that were not. Getting back into the ocean this week was a treat that I was not expecting so soon after the storm. Although the destruction to our north has many friends barred from enjoying the leftover ground swell from Sandy, I felt extremely lucky to be able to get back in the ocean and give thanks for being sparred a much worse fate.  Surfed Thursday after work in near perfect waist to head high perfection and again this morning in some smaller but very clean 2' -3' fun log riding peelers. Stiff offshores this morning and a bit on the chilly side. Managed almost 2 hours before the wind chill worked its way through my 3/2. Think it may be time to break out the 4/3....

Another clean left

The dunes took a little damage but are still looking good.

The access road bayou...

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