Friday, November 4, 2011

Andreini loaner....

About a month ago, I was heading up the beach after a surf and along comes Roach with this big Vaquero under his arm. We had spoken about it previously but up to that point I had yet to lay eyes on it. I was pretty excited just to see another Andreini as it's quite rare (ie.. never) to see one down here. Fast forward to yesterday, when he was kind enough to let me take her out for a spin. All I could say after that first wave was, "WOW!". The swell was in the 4'-6' range and pretty clean early on. It really seemed to be a perfect day for this board. The thing was so smooth off the bottom and fast down the line. It paddled great and got me into anything I was willing to go after. Some of the better sets were well overhead and it allowed me to get in early and hook up with some super fun waves. I absolutely loved it!

9'10" YYZ & 9'2" Vaquero

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