Thursday, April 29, 2010

Swell week....

Exchanged a few emails last weekend with Greg Liddle, seems like a real swell guy. Great explanations to my questions and some really good information provided as well. No doubt that he will be getting my business. Very stoked as I keep seeing so many really cool Liddles on other sites, I am very excited about getting my mind right and grabbing one(or two) for myself. Still trying to decide what model(s) will go best for me around here.

Super fun waves Sunday and Tuesday. Missed Monday but it looked fun on my drive home surf check. Really stoked after Tuesday evening's session. I kept thinking about what a 7'10" or 8' would have been like in the near perfect conditions we had. Still loving my 9'2" and it was a blast the other night. We even had a pod of dolphin show up and share some waves with us. First group I have seen this spring. They were really cool and hanging out very close to us. Love it when they come up for a breath close by and just look right at you. So mello and enjoying the waves just like us. Aloha!

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