Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Friday

What a "Good" Friday it was. (no religious sacrilege intended..) Took the day off to hang out with LB who started his Easter break today. Hoping for a repeat of yesterday's reported "perfection", we headed over to the rocks right after breakfast. A little wind on it and a bit bigger than I was expecting. Took the 10'6" and I am pretty darn sure I had the longest nose ride of my life. Nothing by any real nose rider's standards I am sure, but since I can't seem to ever get more than a cheater 5 or a heartbeat or two out at the tip, being on the nose for a solid 8 to 10 count was just cool. :)

Oh, and we had to wade through the last few feet of road before the parking lot. (LB got a lift from Dad) The record rain for the area is quite evident everywhere down here. Even at the beach.

10'6" Dennis Ryder

photo by LB

photo by LB

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