Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nice shorts!

Our Nick after 6 miles down the beach with a 70lb pack. After a year in the mountains of Colorado, the boy wasn't even breathing hard at the finish. Not sure I'd have even made it out of the car in those shorts. ;)

Its been a while since my last posting. Sadly the Phils went down in 6 to those damn Yankees. Great season for the Phils none the less. Thanks for the ride! Not many sessions in the water to speak of. I did manage to catch a decent mid week swell last Wednesday. Took a day off to spend with our USAF son who made it home for a few days prior to his upcoming deployment. Dropped him off in N. Wildwood with his "loaded" pack. He wanted to get in some exercise, so while he made his way down the island I grabbed a surf at the other end and awaited his arrival. We dropped him off early this AM at PHL for his flight back to Colorado and a few more weeks of pre-deployment training. We miss him already and pray for his safe return to us sometime next year. God Bless all our boys out there in harms way. Come home soon and safe will ya!


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