Sunday, July 5, 2009

Up in the rafters

Met up with an old friend several weeks ago in the surf and finally made it over to his house for a visit last week. While we were catching up on the years between visits I saw this board laying in the rafters of his garage. Story goes that he came upon the board in the office of a "client" who had acquired it from an friend. Since the "client" did not surf, my friend talked him into letting him take the board off his hands. Since then it has been sitting collecting some dust and on the list for getting some TLC. I was over this afternoon shooting the breeze and asked if we could take it down for a few photos. What a sweet looking shape. Needs some love but all it all it is in fair condition. Once watertight, I have already placed my request to take it out for a surf. :)

Steve M. with his Kim Neilson V-bottom

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  1. I am a friend of Kim Neilsen and know a bit about that surfboard and Holmesy Surfboards in general. I would like to get some good photos of that board for documentary purposes.. I am a member of the Surf History Project here in Palm Beach Counry, Fl. We would like to document as much about local surf history as possible. Please contact me at Check out our website for a few pics of Kim!