Thursday, July 23, 2009


Mailman dropped off my copy of Nathan Oldfield's latest film "Seaworthy". Had read about the film and the man in the last TSJ and sought out to purchase a copy. While this is probably not a film for everyone, I really liked it. You could say it has little bit Thomas Campbell influence or a little bit of Andrew Kidman maybe..... Regardless, it has a lot of Nathan Oldfield influence and that's good enough for me. Really liked the Tom Wegener sections. That guy is just cool. 20'+ Olo to his 12' & 16' boards, he is just too smooth. Love the fact that he is always smiling.
Sadly, I was not smiling after tonight's surf. Headed over to CM hoping the NE swell had arrived late. At 3:30pm there was little to nothing so I headed over with my new hull to see if I could sneak in a surf. Well, the swell arrived and Poverty was going off pretty good. Should've come home and grabbed another board but decided to give the new hull a go in some pretty good thumping beach break. I learned a lot tonight... Overhead sets and steep drops make it hard to control the speed and grip of the board on my forehand. Every frontside wave I went on did not have a happy ending. A few larger set waves only saw me slide down the face sideways in hopes of catching a little bit of rail in order to grip into the wave face. No joy. Funny that every right (backhand) I dropped into went great. Big drops and bottom turns were not an issue. I am guessing foot placement and/or fin size (9" narrow base Greg Liddle) may be a contributing factor. Whatever the case, several waves provided a nice rush and all in all it wasn't a bad session. Until I got out and noticed the wound in the nose. Guessing one of those nasty beatings after the slide down the face pushed the board into the bottom. Not a horrid ding but through the glass on just my third go out. The garage will smell of resin this weekend..... ;)


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