Saturday, October 8, 2016

its been a while...

 It has been a while since my last posting here on "Breakwater Road". My apologies to anyone who may check in here from time to time. Guess you can say that I fell into a rut, so to speak. Dig'n my way out and hopeful the worst is in my rear view mirror.
 My right elbow and left foot both decided to mutiny in the recent weeks past. Fortunately my good friend "Captain Morgan" has stood vigil and saw me through the rough days. ;)

 Surf Stuff:  Prior to my being "beached", I had the opportunity to ride a few waves on my neighbor's little G&S from the early 70s. 6'6"ish and surprising. Quite a fun and fast little bar of soap. Was happy to be able to ride it as I was not expecting much from myself or the board to be honest. Its been years since I rode something this small and came away saying that it was fun. :)
Can't wait to get back out there!


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