Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Too many tears...

 A boy an his dog...

 Had to say farewell to our sweet little girl yesterday. It was a difficult day to say the least but the cancer had taken hold in her and it was time to ease her pain.   : (
Not sure how these little furry things imbed themselves so deeply into our hearts, but it happens.
Love ya Pukini. Aloha Oi.....


  1. Had to say... Sorry about your pooch - she looks like she was well loved and loved you all. It always amazes me how much our dogs improve the quality of our lives...
    I enjoy your posts and your list of other blogs.
    Pete in FL - formerly of cold eastern Long Island, NY

  2. Mahalo Pete. Much Aloha to you and yours.

    Mike in NJ - former FL Gulf Coaster ;)