Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Goofyfoot's Garage Board Review : )

 Dawn patrol color
 Been waiting for a decent day to give the 8'6" GP pin a test drive. Loaded it and only it, into the Jeep this morning so that it would get my undivided attention.
Conditions: lite offshore, almost glass, 2'-4' clean lines. Out solo at dawn.
So here are a few of my "right foot forward" notes.....
Wave #1 Frontside 3'.  Don't put back foot near tail when dropping in!
#2  Frontside 2'. "Hello, I said don't stand near the tail!"
#3 Backside, 3' and a nice long wall, kept feet forward and not too bad.
#4 Backside, 3' slight adjustment of back foot, board goes right and up, out and over the back. Dang, it was a nice wave.
#5 Frontside left, 4' nice drop, slight step forward and off we go. Clean long face, perfect trim and a nice smooth little re-entry at the end. OK, now I'm getting it! :)
The rest of the session was a blast. Spent about 2.5hrs really getting to know this board. Many waves ridden and not much swimming. Stuck a leash loop on it but left leash off so I'd behave myself. Found out right away how loose and slippery it could be when I'm back near the tail. That V is very sensitive to any minor foot/weight shift. Once I figured out where "not" to put my back foot, it was all butter! Smooth, trimmed nice and turns great. To be quite honest, I've had my doubts about this board ever since I got it. Its ass heavy/thick in the back and thin and nicely foiled up front. Those first few waves with my foot too far back, it felt slow (slippery but slow..if that makes any sense). Once I shifted forward a little, the speed and glide appeared and the flow of the board on the wave face was smooth, responsive and faster than I initially thought it could be. Is it the best board ever, well, I wouldn't go that far. Is it fun to surf, hell yes! Very happy to have it and stoked to experience another bit of surfboard design history. Have a great weekend Amigos!
 1968 Hobie Gary Propper Pintail  8'6"

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