Monday, May 4, 2015

Catch up

 My ride to the west side
 Got to stop by and chat with Matt Garbutt on my way south. FYI....There are some mighty fine looking wave riding sleds coming out of this young man's shaping bay. Good seeing you Amigo!
 Va Beach
 Closed!  @#%!
Oops.  No @#%!
 Headed home across the CBBT
 For the Mrs
And some more "for the Mrs"

 Fisherman's Island, always intriguing but I've never caught it going off

 The family had a rough week with the chicks while I was gone. Seems these kids can turn cannibal in their youth and peck at each others beaks until they're a bloody mess. Some watermelon chunks seemed to slow the issue but some were just too beat up and a quarantine was necessary to prevent a massacre. Their wing feathers are starting to come in and when the box lid is open there are several who like to test them out. Pukini has no problem rounding them up and getting them back inside. The smaller kids seems to all have issues and are slowly dying off. Still hopeful that the majority will survive to be released on Base and start a long overdue new covey of Northern Bob White quail down this way.
Much Aloha

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