Sunday, November 2, 2014


Fell back in time overnight, woke to the sound of a jet engine howling over the house. No jet, just a NW wind firing on all cylinders. Got to the Rocks by 8a to find it OK clean with 30kt offshore gusts. NUTS! Steve from CM was as eager for a surf as I was, so out we went. Not perfect nor inviting but it was something. There were some decent walls to fly down and a stiff north to south current to add to the fun and fury out in the water. Air 44 and the water somewhere around 60 I believe. Had several fun ones, got tossed on two and the walk back up to the parking lot was a workout in itself. A little taste of Winter on the 2nd day of November...
 My poor quality snaps don't quite capture the wind. You may be able to see the blowing sand and get an idea.

The flag at the Bree-Zee-Lee marina on the drive home. Straight out!


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