Sunday, April 13, 2014

Old surf magazines...

I love diving back in time and re-reading old surf mags. Have a crate full of em and I dig into it quite often. Once in a while I read an article that transports my memory back to a special place in time or maybe its an ad that make me think, "Wow!  Were my shorts really that short?"  LOL
So today I'm relaxing with the November 84' issue of Surfer and come across a G&S ad that featured Hank Warner and some funky 1980s shirt designs. I stopped for a moment to read the caption below and came across Joe Grottola's name. Too weird! I just spent a couple hours at Grant St. in CM yesterday trading glassy little lefts with Joe.  Next time I see him I have to ask if he ever got any of those "funning around" shirts.  ;)


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