Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Enjoyed a Swell lunch, with a side order of Wind.

The low pressure system that moved up the coast delivered us some much needed swell this Thanksgiving Eve. Was stoked to see CM looking pretty good on my drive into work this AM. Got a pre-holiday early release from work and headed over to the Rocks after seeing the tide not jiving with the CM hot spots. Chest to head with OH sets and an offshore wind that was howling but holding up some big faces. Managed to get my fill over a couple of hours in the mayhem. Definitely should have packed the heavy rubber today. For sure the last day of the season for my trusty 4mil. Really started to get chilled around the 2hr mark. Air 39 Water 50ish. 

Grant Street 6:30am
Rocks @ 11:30am

The senior statesmen, eyeing it up.

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