Friday, December 21, 2012


Well, the world didn't end today. Not yet anyway....
Pulled up to find it much bigger than I was expecting and the winds weren't all that bad at first. Pretty big swell in the water making for some awesome rides. Saw Rob G. drop into one that was easily 10'-12' on the face. One of the biggest waves I've ever seen ridden here. I didn't get a lot of waves but the ones I did get were a full on blast. First two lefts were absolutly nuts. Well overhead and just perfect. Late drops were the call in the stiff offshores and the lefts were really standing up and throwing. Only got tossed once but took a couple of beatings on the way out and on a few monster clean up sets. Haven't seen this kind of size in a very long time. Good times! 

Bigger than it looks...


Once again, the Andreini delivered.

Yukon, way down there shooting photos in the maelstrom!


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