Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thoughts of an old friend....

While saying good-bye to Charlie the other night at the C-view one of the boys brought up the subject of me breaking my old favorite at Povs a few years ago. I still get crap about surfing her there but we'd had so many fun waves at Poverty, it was one of those places were I felt like there wasn't anything we couldn't handle together. We'd surfed bigger swells both here and in Nicaragua with zero issues. It just happened that on that fateful day, one of those grinding barrels had her name on it and took her from me. I can still remember that sick feeling when I came up and saw her in two pieces.

9'2" Scott Anderson
Bojorquez Grande
                  First foray into the displacement hull world
 Nicaragua 2009 - Playa Colorado. Oh, the memories.
 Poverty 9/3/10 - the day she died
 Never should've swapped out that volan flex fin...
Her final resting place


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