Monday, September 5, 2011

Board Design duo

Dan's 9'6" IsIs (left) and my 9'10" YYZ. With Rob G. holding on to Dan's board for the weekend, we had a chance to swap back and forth yesterday for a little compare and contrast between the two models. Although the swell didn't have perfect form, there was some size and a few would line up quite nice. Even after riding Dan's once before, I am still a little suprised with the weight difference as the IsIs quite a bit lighter than I had expected. And while I had expected some various differences between the two, there were more than I previously imagined. Let it be noted that although I am no extraordinary nose rider, I feel they both allow easy trips to the tip with the YYZ being easier to control once your up there. Guess that's a little YYZ owner favoritism. :) Regardless, they're both fun to surf so run out and test drive one for yourself. Aloha!

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