Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold, windy and flat....

Not much loggin or bloggin of late. While the waves have been non-existent, the winds have been working overtime. We had a little snow this AM, not more than an 1" or so. The weekend forecast is looking bitter with temps not quite getting out of the 20s. I did get word that a friend may be bringing up my new ( to me ) board from MD. Slo picked up in FL from MHC who drove it over from TX. So the board has some serious highway miles under it path. Stoked to get it but would be more excited if there was a hint of a wave in our near future..... I'll post up some photos later this weekend if she does arrive. Aloha nui loa

PS: Congratulations to the Univ. of Alabama football team. National Champs again! Roll Tide!!! :)

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